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The book VERTICAL RESCUE volume 2: full English and Italian text.

It is something that everyone should read if interested in helicopters and rescue. The readers have the opportunity “go on-board” civil helicopters to fly real Hems missions in Italy, from the Alps to the Sicily

Volume2: the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service HEMS from the Alps to the Sicily (from north to south Italy): HEMS bases: Trento – Brescia – Cuneo – Foggia – Salerno – Caltanissetta and more the rescue in avalanche and Covid19 time.
Airgreen – Alidaunia – Babcock – Nucleo Elicotteri P.A. Trento.

Some sentences from the book:
… she nods to have understood but her gaze is lost in the void, her eyes filled with tears, she prays softly. When we land …

… darkness that must have pervaded the mind of that poor girl because it seems that she attempted suicide by …

… in mid afternoon four French climbers lost the corect route to descend from the summit, and they quickly found themselves on a dangerous vertical face …

… 90+30+30+30, but it is not just a matter ofmathematics. Sometimes the 90 meters of extension of the hoist cable may not be enough …

Size 297 x 210 mm
176 Pages
260+ colours images
Full dual languages English / Italian
SPECIAL OFFER : ONLY Euro 25 + Shipping (Instead of Euro 32 + Shipping)

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