A book dedicated to the use of the helicopter for works of different natures.
Ten chapters for as many uses. A one-of-a-kind book, a fascinating window on a little-known world, an expression of technology and skills at the highest levels.

Some sentences from the book:
... flying the helicopter inthis type of work is a bit like driving a car on ice. It requires a continuious control of power, gentle movements to follow the flow of the territory ...

... the temperature drops quickly hand in hand with the setting of the sun; well that will be the right time for us to go flying !  No, we aren't crazy, but ...

... It is the beginning if a spectacular routine, with each rotation taking less than sevem minutes. The cycle lasts for two hours, after which the S-64 heads off the nearest airport to refuel ....

216 Pages
300+ colour images
Full dual languages  English / Italian
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Spray on the vineyardsAir Glaciers
Heliski Monte BiancoGMH
Trofeo MezzalamaPellissier Helicopter
DaisyBell avalanchePellissier Helicopter
Helishuttle GP.F1 e Moto GPAercopter
Helicopter Rescue Alto Adige HELIBabcock
Helicopter Rescue at nightAirgreen / Babcock
Scuola Italiana Cani SalvataggioEliwork
Construction of power linesEuropean AirCrane / Star Work Sky
Forest fire fightingOthers

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