Libro soccorso aereo Aeronautica Militare – book Italian Air Force Rescue Operations

Book Italian Air Force Rescue Operations.

The new book, the fourth published by Dino Marcellino, counts 216 pages and 320+ images printed in high quality .  All images and words copyright by Operazioni Volo / Dino Marcellino.

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The author flew on-board the planes and helicopters operated daily by the Italian Air Force for Air Rescue missions, photographing crews in action in the more disparate environments and engagements:

15° Stormo HH-212 – 80° C/SAR – Decimomannu air base

15° Stormo HH-139A

15th Wing HH-101A Caesar

31° Stormo Dassault Falcon Easy

46 Brigata Aerea Pisa KC-130J Air to Air Refuelling (Eurofighter Typhoon – 4° Stormo)

in the cockpit of a 15° Stormo HH-101A engaged in Helicopter Air to Air Refuelling from KC-130J

HH-101A Dettagli / HH-101A Caesar details

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